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230 V / 3,600 W

Uncompromised power in all situations

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Energy for your entire workday, 2.1 kWh

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18,000 W for high-performance fans and heavy equipment

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Handles up to 2.5x / 9,000 W overload

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Improve working process with silence

Improve the working environment for workers and create a better customer experience with complete silence.

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Remove limitations for new opportunities

Remove limitations of cabling and combustion engines - and open new opportunities in your work. 

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Cut emissions - reach your sustainability goals

Take action today and decide how fast you become carbon neutral. instagrid has zero local emissions.

It has never been this easy to respond to emergencies

Define the new way of operation! No need to depend on grid or cabling anymore - bring electric freedom to your service with instagrid portable power system.