Simple CO2 Calculation Tool

Use our simplified CO2 Calculation tool to estimate your yearly on-site CO2 emissions savings.

Calculate your yearly on-site emission saving

Use instagrid ONE max and save yearly:

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Explore more data behind our CO2 calculations in our Impact Report

Power your most demanding equipment

With instagrid ONE max you can power any 230V event equipment from lights to PA systems and welding machines.

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Improve working process with silence

Improve the working environment for workers and create a better customer experience with complete silence.

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Remove limitations for new opportunities

Remove limitations of cabling and combustion engines - and open new opportunities in your work. 

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Cut emissions - reach your sustainability goals

Take action today and decide how fast you become carbon neutral. instagrid has zero local emissions.

Download the spec sheet to see exactly what the instagrid ONE max can do for you.

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Want to rent an instagrid ONE max system?

Perhaps you'd like to try an instagrid ONE max before purchase or only need one for a short period. There are locations throughout the UK with a unit available for you now. Check our interactive rental map to find a rental company near you.

In the UK market, these rental partners have instagrid ONE max system in their selection:

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Part of the green event production movement

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Get in touch with UK Sales Team

instagrid ONE max systems are available in the UK through our direct sales. Leave your email and phone and we'll contact you.

Or, you can call us directly +44 203 608 6423 for more information.

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Define the new way of working. No need to depend on grid or cabling anymore - bring electric freedom to your workday with instagrid portable power system.