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4 benefits instagrid portable battery brings to daily work – learned through customer tests

There are multiple benefits switching to a portable battery system can bring, whether the former solution for electricity would have been a combustion generator or pulling grid electricity through cables. We gathered the most common benefits from our customers, who tested instagrid product in their daily work.

1. Saving time and energy by being completely independent of the grid

You might be working in an off-grid location but getting your energy by pulling cables from the nearby grid, which makes you dependent on the grid. Sometimes the grid power needs to be turned off at some point for safety reasons, or it is just not available all the time. This can slow down the workflow and make you dependent on third party people and their schedules. Replacing this solution with instagrid, helped Helppari Oy and Solmey GmbH save both time and energy.

Helppari Oy, network installation professional, installs networks and cashless payment systems in festivals. During festival production, the main electricity isn’t turned on, which makes testing of the installations impossible. By using instagrid as the electricity source to test the installations, Helppari is able to avoid the last-minute stress of unworking installations right before the festival.

“If we find a problem when the main electricity is turned on, it means once again a night without sleep fixing it. With instagrid, we can test the installations before and avoid this.**” – Sami, Helppari Oy

Solmey GmbH, an installation professional, tested instagrid to power a ladder lift to lift solar modules onto the roof of a residential building. Typically, the installation crew would have to access the electric sockets inside the house, always agreeing with the house owner on the day and time of the installation. When powering the ladder lift with instagrid battery, inconvenience for the house owners was minimized and worktime was saved when pulling the cables wasn’t necessary. Solmey professionals saved 2 hours from their workday when using instagrid instead of relying on pulling cables.

“instagrid brings us flexibility. It saved us two hours from our workday.” – Axel, Solmey GmbH

Using instagrid to lift solar panels up to the roof

Solmey testing instagrid battery when lifting solar panels to the roof.

2. Enabling work without any direct emissions and unnecessary noise pollution

In case your solution for the energy source in off-grid locations has been a combustion generator, you’ve probably come across a situation where working without the fumes or the noise of the generator would have been more convenient or pleasant. For Ape Gelato and Steinmetz Schönfeld GmbH removing the direct emissions and generator noise pollution has a significant impact on their businesses.

Ape Gelato, a moving gelato cart, works always off-grid and in multiple different locations, and typically they get their electricity from a diesel generator. The diesel generator creates great noise pollution throughout the workday even when idle. instagrid allows Ape Gelato to work in complete silence, and therefore improves Ape Gelato’s employee working comfortability and customer satisfaction. As one of Ape Gelato’s gelato selling spots is right next to the kid’s playground, removing all direct fumes also adds up to customer satisfaction.

“Our salespersons and customers loved the concept, giving a more environmentally-friendly and silent solution for our electrical needs.” – Ape Gelato

For Steinmetz Schönfeld GmbH, a restoration and stonemasonry professional, working without direct emissions is important to support their fundamental sustainability values. When projects are located in city gardens or cemeteries, the ability to work without emissions becomes extremely beneficial. Using instagrid also opens up broader working possibilities for Steinmetz Schönfeld. Projects located in tunnels have been very difficult, as the use of generators in tunnels requires extensive safety measures. With the instagrid battery, working in tunnels is possible as effortlessly as in any other location.

“We’ve been waiting for a solution, that would remove the need for diesel generators completely.” – Steinmetz Schönfeld

using instagrid for concrete drill

Steinmetz Schönfeld testing instagrid battery in powering diamond core drill.

3. Optimizing the number of workers needed and removing the need for third party people

Have you faced a situation where you need to either rely on third party people to have the needed energy available at the working location? Or that there needs to be additional people at the worksite just to be able to move around the generator? Steinmetz Schönfeld GmbH found extensive benefits regarding both of these situations when using instagrid battery.

In most of Steinmetz Schönfeld’s restoration projects, the workers need to work with a very old electrical infrastructure that requires extra safety measures. When the buildings have an old electrical infrastructure, it requires a separate specialist to assist Steinmetz Schönfeld in securing any potential electrical hazards and take extra safety measurements. Coordination with outside personnel and the time needed for the set-ups would always slow down the workflow. With a portable battery system, the workers can start their work faster and on their schedule.

In case there is no electrical infrastructure at all at the construction sites, Steinmetz Schönfeld uses a combustion generator as an electricity source. This often requires more people on the site, as the generator needs two people to carry it. When using instagrid, human resources can be saved in projects, which can be otherwise completed by one person.

“We don’t need to rely anymore on outside personnel and coordinate the details with them beforehand. We can just show up and start to work.” – Steinmetz Schönfeld

power wash in a graveyard using instagrid ONE Max

Steinmetz Schönfeld testing instagrid battery in powering high pressure washer.

4. Cost savings when changing the energy source from diesel to grid-electricity

Switching to battery-powered solutions bring considerable cost saving over time. Increased use of battery systems in off-grid locations transforms the main energy source from diesel/gas to electricity from the grid. The most significant cost decreases come from direct fuel costs and maintenance costs. Electricity is significantly more cost-efficient than diesel, which leads to exponential cost decreases across the life-time use, and the generator maintenance costs disappear. Life-time cost savings can drop tremendously when switching from a generator to a portable battery system.

Summary: electrical freedom for everyone

  1. Using instagrid helps you save time and energy by being completely independent of the grid
  2. With instagrid, you are able to work without any direct emissions and unnecessary noise pollution
  3. When utilizing instagrid you are able to optimize the number of workers needed and remove the need for third party people
  4. When replacing generator solution with instagrid, cost savings are inevitable

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