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Our compact and powerful battery systems ensure silent uninterrupted power on set, allowing filmmakers to focus on their craft without the limitations of conventional power sources. 

Key Benefits


Better off-grid

The Instagrid GO is the perfect solution for powering off-grid production. Weighing only 44 lb, and able to be carried in just one hand – with an output of 3.6kW, the Instagrid GO provides all the power you need. Charge devices, power light rigs and cranes. Keep your crew happy – powering up the coffee machine in the morning is as easy as flicking a switch.


No cabling

Say goodbye to the hassle of laying cables. Instagrid is a game changer: bring your power source directly to set and never again have to navigate a floor full of cables.


Room tone? Silence

Let your story take center stage. Instagrid frees your film set from the background noise of traditional combustion generators.

What you can get done on a single charge

Arri Skypanel LED Soft Light 420 W

~ 5 hours (full brightness)

Haze Machine 1,500 W

~ 1.2 hours

Telescopic camera crane 1,800 W

Peak of 1,800 W and 30 % usage per day ~ 2 - 4 hours

Walkie talkie Motorola XT420/460

Recharge 220+ times

Pro Filter Coffee Machine 2,310 W

~ 160 cups

LED Light (Aputure LS 600D PRO)

Depending on brightness ~ 6 - 8 hours

Film Camera (V-Lok) 180 Wh

Recharge 11 times

Cordless Drill 18 V | 4 Ah

Recharge 25+ times

Customer stories

got the

“It saves lots of time and it makes our work much easier and way more flexible… A bit like magic. They were wonderful and I trust them completely”. – Martin Deubel, gaffer at Warnuts Entertainment

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Instagrid GO

Portable energy

Advanced portable power supplies that break the mold. No more generators – just powerful, sustainable and reliable power on demand.

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