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Dirty work
Clean power

Instagrid powers even your most demanding equipment while producing no exhaust fumes, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and to ensure a healthier workplace.

Key Benefits


Better than mobile generators

With a rated power output of 3,600 W and a peak output of 18,000 W, the Instagrid GO is significantly lighter and quieter than traditional combustion generators, all the while delivering superior performance.


Lightweight and robust

Instagrid GO weighs only 44 lb and can be carried in one hand. It’s passively cooled and contains no moving parts. It is IP44 rated and is unaffected by dust or moisture.


Significant cost savings compared to generators

Our batteries are highly efficient and cost 80% less over their lifetime compared to combustion generators. Save money on fuel and avoid maintenance costs altogether.

What you can get done on a single charge

Arc Welding Machine 3,000 W

Ø 0.1 inch ~ up to 89 electrodes

Cut-off saw 2,700 W

Ø 4 inch ~ 38 cuts on cast iron pipe

Breaker 2,200 W

↕ 6 inch ~ 8 tons of concrete slabs demolished

Diamond core drill 3,300 W

Ø 6 inch core drill bit ↕ 6 inch deep ~ 32 holes in concrete

Construction Table Saw 3,000 W

2 x 4 inch lumber ~ 4,100 cuts

Magnet Base Drill 1,400 W

Ø 1.4 inch drill bit ↕ 0.5 inch ~ 223 holes in steel

Concrete Mixer 600 W

48 gal barrel ~ 11.5 tons of concrete

Pressure Washer 3,000 W

~ 650 ft2 cleaned area

Customer stories

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"I have only had positive experiences with it and can no longer work without this device". – Ekrem Telseren, Technical Service, city of Ludwigsburg

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Instagrid GO

Portable energy

Advanced portable power supplies that break the mold. No more generators – just powerful, sustainable and reliable power on demand.

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