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Every Second Counts

Hailed as the greatest innovation in emergency services in recent years, our partners trust Instagrid to save them time, costs, and effort in the moments that matter most.

Key Benefits


Power any equipment

With a peak power output of 18,000 W, Instagrid GO is more powerful than the combustion generators traditionally used by emergency services. Powering equipment with high current requirements on startup, such as high-performance ventilators, is a breeze.


Robust and compact

Instagrid GO weighs only 44 lb and can be carried in one hand. With dimensions of 16.5 x 8.2 x 16.7 in, it fits into tight spaces and is easy to take with you on mission. Its IP44 rating means that the Instagrid GO is unaffected by dust or moisture.


Aiding rapid rescue

Our partners report significant time savings compared to using combustion generators. Instagrid reduces the need to roll out long cables, and once everything is set up, can be switched on in an instant.

What you can get done on a single charge

Submersible Pump 2,300 W

~ 206 gpm ~ 13,200 gal

Large Submersible Pump 5,300 W

~ 634 gpm ~ 15,000 gal

High Performance Fan 2,400 W

~ 72,000 ft³ of airflow

LED Soft Light 420 W (ARRI SkyPanel)

Full brightness ~ 5 hours

Pressure Washer 3,000 W

~ 650 ft2 cleaned area

Pro Filter Coffee Machine 2,310 W

~ 160 cups

Cut-off saw 2,700 W

Ø 4 inch ~ 38 cuts on cast iron pipe

Pump vacuum cleaner 2,200 W

Suction volume ~ 2,245 gal

Customer stories

got the

"We expect that the powerpack from Instagrid will be the power supply of the future." – Jens Mast, managing director of Mast Pumpen GmbH

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Customer Story - Mast Pumpen - Image
Customer Story - Mast Pumpen - Image
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Instagrid GO

Portable energy

Advanced portable power supplies that break the mold. No more generators – just powerful, sustainable and reliable power on demand.

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