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Building a zero-emission lifestyle without compromises –through our product and company culture

Instagrid product enables professionals to work towards zero-emission future by mitigating overall emissions and removing all direct emissions when powering appliances off-grid. We as a company want to do our part in building more sustainable working and living habits in the future, and highly believe that small acts make a big difference. This is why we are also glad to be a part of the EU LIFE program in piloting clean power supply devices in construction and urban green care to reduce emissions in European cities. We aim, not only to promote zero-emission ideology through our product, but also through our company culture. This blog takes a peek into some of instagrid’s cultural aspects in working towards more sustainable future. The journey towards more sustainable future requires multiple and continuous efforts and acknowledgement of not being perfect in any category. We accept this and want to improve our actions every day, step by step.

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No compromises in a sustainable way of travelling

Over 2/3 of instagrid employees travel to work by bike or foot, or by public transport. This culture and sense of community around more sustainable travel options encourages us to cut back on car use and establish sustainable travel habits, not only at the workplace,but also in our free time. Among instagang regular biking is built into communal habit by attending biking competitions as a team and offering a bike-storage possibility in the company office. In the times when car is absolutely needed, we have an electric car for company employee use. Tesla’s electric car offers us an electric solution without compromises on performance –much like instagrid technology. We are able to hold on to our sustainability values, while having an efficient and easy transportation option when one is needed. On a company level, we believe in the future of batteries, which made it obvious to choose an electric car to help us adopt a zero-emission lifestyle in company car use.

Building a sustainable future

Material production produces big amounts of emissions and waste, and minimizing this negative impact comes down to making changes in multiple different categories.

At instagrid we focus on minimizing plastic, paper and cardboard through different actions. Regarding unnecessary plastic, we have removed single-use plastic bottles from our office by providing water dispensers. We reuse all of our incoming packaging material, which mainly reduces the use of cardboard and plastic by giving them a one more cycle in life. Regarding paper use, we have established a policy to only print when it ́s absolutely necessary, bringing consciousness into material usage at the office.

Adopting a zero-emission lifestyle

In each field of living, small actions build the bigger picture when it comes to cutting emissions and building a more sustainable planet. All of us as individuals can make changes for better, which is why we see it’s important to build a culture of sustainable living inside our company. We want to encourage and enable people to live zero-emission lifestyle –encouraging through our company culture and enabling through our product mission. And in everything we do, we believe that battery-powered future is a step towards more sustainable and efficient way of working and living.

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