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instagrid at Humboldt University

Charging up the Holidays: Instagrid Powering the Humboldt University's Christmas Event

A sustainable solution for a festive cause

In the heart of Berlin, the Humboldt University's Faculty of Economics’ student organization, Studierendenvertretung (StuRa), organized a Christmas event for students and university staff. This event served a dual purpose: to spread holiday cheer and raise funds for a local animal shelter. To power the event's stands, StuRa turned to the instagrid ONE max.

During the event, we met with the StuRa organizers Sebastian König and Hannah Nitsch, who shared their impressions and experience with the instagrid ONE max.

Minimizing cable hazards and maximizing sustainability

StuRa chose instagrid for two crucial reasons: safety and sustainability. Traditional power sources can pose significant cable hazard risks, especially in crowded settings. Instagrid’s batteries eliminate this risk altogether, providing a safer and more efficient solution for powering lights, music, and even two mulled wine heaters.

Moreover, Instagrid’s batteries adhere to the highest environmental standards, making them a natural choice for an event with a charitable focus. By opting for instagrid, StuRa demonstrated its commitment to environmental responsibility while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

instagrid: A reliable partner for sustainable power

StuRa's experience highlights the versatility and effectiveness of instagrid’s portable professional batteries. These batteries are ideal for any event or application requiring reliable and sustainable power. Whether it's powering a construction site, illuminating a stage, or providing electricity on off-grid locations, instagrid has the solution.

Join us in powering a sustainable future

We invite you to join us in our mission to promote sustainable power solutions. Let us help you eliminate cable hazards, reduce your environmental footprint, and enhance your event's safety and efficiency.

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