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instagridONE in the dessert

Cheers to 5 Years: Join instagrid's Celebration!

Our transformative journey launched in 2018, as instagrid began testing prototypes with real customers, laying the foundation for revolutionary clean energy solutions. A pivotal year, 2020 witnessed Steinmetz Schönfeld in Stuttgart becoming instagrid's first customer, a satisfied partnership that endures to this day.

instagrid milestones

In July 2021, instagrid celebrated a major achievement with the introduction of instagrid ONE max, a revolutionary product crafted through meticulous testing and invaluable customer insights. This marked the initiation of a Europe-wide endeavor, as instagrid units were dispatched to participants in an EU Life-funded project. Notable industry leaders such as Skanska, Budimex, the Rutte Groep, and KWS-Infra became some of the early partners as part of this groundbreaking initiative. Across the DACH region, the power of instagrid in the construction industry became more and more prominent, thanks to our numerous partnerships with names like Strabag and Leonhard-Weiss. Our success then extended to the construction rental business across continental Europe, with instagrid products available for rent in at least nine countries through partnerships with major companies like Loxam, Kiloutou, Ramirent, and Renta. 2021 marked instagrid making significant strides in the Film & Media industry, helping to bring stories to life by providing clean, portable power for names like ARRI, Cine-Mobil, and ZDFmediathek. Fast forward to the end of 2022, and our impact has reached new heights with the establishment of offices in Finland, France, and the UK. We've made a powerful impact in the Film & Media Rental markets across Northern Europe, DACH, and Benelux, establishing a significant presence on the global stage with over 22,000 users. And all of this just marks the beginning of our journey! In the time since, instagrid has proudly extended into the construction rental business across continental Europe, with partnerships in at least nine countries, including SBB, Swietelsky-faber, and DB Bahnbau Gruppe. Our impact in the Film & Media sector has reached a global scale thanks to our role in the Clean Mobile Power Initiative funded by media titans Disney and Netflix. The endless applications of the instagrid have been further proven by bringing power to other key industries, such as emergency services and event production - focus verticals which continue to grow with no signs of slowing. By 2023, we have further expanded our product portfolio – bringing more power to over 40,000 users, and saving more than 52 cumulative tonnes of NOx emissions. As we at instagrid celebrate five impactful years, the journey continues, promising further innovation and positive change in the realm of clean, portable power solutions.

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