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City Industry Dialogue on Clean Construction

On the 9th of October we were invited to join an event on the topic of Clean Construction organised under the C40 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen. The event addressed the huge challenge that comes along with the projected increase of construction activity worldwide: Construction sites cause significant emissions from materials and machinery. Municipalities like the city of Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam are aware of the severity of this environmental problem. Therefore, they sent out their representatives to meet in Copenhagen, to discuss about ambitions and best practices for emission free construction and to involve all stakeholders across the construction supply chain.

To reduce emissions, many cities realize the potential of green public procurement, where contracts are rewarded not only based on financial but also on environmental criteria: e.g. Oslo has launched a new procurement policy with the aim to move to zero emissions on construction sites by 2030. Together with Copenhagen and Stockholm they collaborate in the “Scandinavian Green Public Procurement Alliance” with the aim to lower emissions from non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). Pilot projects are currently already proving the feasibility of clean and emission free construction sites.

This is where we want to jump in. In our CLEANER AIR project, funded by the EU LIFE program, instagrid wants to position our clean mobile battery power supply in the market for NRMM to substitute fuel-driven equipment. During the Clean Construction Event in Copenhagen we had the opportunity to find valuable partners for piloting our new technology on construction sites and for collaborating on green public procurement strategies.

We were impressed by amazing, high level of commitment towards zero emissions from construction industry participants and we are convinced that construction will move towards a more sustainable future.

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