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Construction drying – using instagrid saved time and removed limiting factors blogpost header

Construction drying – using instagrid saved time and removed limiting factors

Bronzel Service GmbH, a German company working on water damage detection, building drying, and renovation of damaged buildings lately tested the new portable battery system from instagrid, instagrid ONE max.

The Bronzel service GmbH has over 40 years of experience in this sector – an innovative and sustainable approach is at the core of their business. For water damage detection, they use novel infrared cameras for thermographic analysis. For instance, they detect humidity and moisture, via capacitive sensing equipment.

This time, Bronzel Service GmbH tested the innovative technology of instagrid for extraction activities on damaged buildings. Due to water damage, they had to remove the floor of a church. During the process, multiple floor layers were removed on a total surface of 250sqm by using a Hilti percussion drill (1300W). In addition, they ran the 2-circuit Heylo air filter system (250W), to filter out dust and health detrimental particles to limit the air pollution. Both devices were powered with instagrid ONE max without any limitations.

Stress-free first response measures

In first response measures rapid intervention is necessary, therefore, time and access to reliable electricity are critical factors. In time crucial events, damage caused by water leads to cutting off the electricity in the building for safety measures. In these cases, an external electricity source is required from the Bronzel workers.

In a situation that demands fast intervention from the employee, the use of instagrid brings instant and reliable access to electricity. The instagrid system can be stored in a service car or at an office and can be used for first response interventions. The instagrid system supplies reliable power, providing electric tension in quality through a pure sine wave, and is easily transportable due to its modular design (weight: 19kg).

Concrete jackhammer powered by instagrid ONE Max

Reliability and time savings when working in places hard to access

Sometimes the drying or preparation process takes place in hardly accessible areas around the building, for example on roof trusses, in deep vault cellars, or on the outer facade of a building. Nearly always these areas are without direct access to a grid network. Normally pulling cables on these sites is time-consuming, unpractical, and unreliable. Inhabitants, who accidentally unplug the power adaptor or an overcharge on the electricity grid, can force the workers to stop their work. With the instagrid system, Bronzel workers can rely on a safe power source, which can handle even high demands of up to 18.000W.

Jackhammer and broken concrete with background of instagrid ONE Max

Convenience to workflow – no need to disturb the building inhabitants

When working with water-damaged buildings, access to electricity is critical to set up the drying equipment. Often the direct electricity source for this is the socket in a neighbor’s apartment. In case the person is not at home during the intervention or is not available to grant access to their electric line, the instagrid system comes handy to access electricity. By utilizing the instagrid power system, Bronzel workers save time, and can plan and coordinate their tasks at work with ease and independence.


1. Reliability and high-peak power in all situationsThe power quality, reliability, and high-peak levels of instagrid ensure a convenient, comfortable, and easy workflow.

2. Comfort and efficiency during the coordination with othersThe workers save time and can work more conveniently when they don’t need to rely on third-party electric service providers for the needed grid.

3. Quicker reaction in first response measuresThe reliability and the portability of the instagrid system enable a quicker reaction time at first response measures, by providing a robust and water-resistant power source.

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