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Gigmit - DJ Felix Kröcher

Instagrid LINK: Bringing Beats to Life with Instagrid and Felix Kröcher

Ever envisioned a captivating performance in a unique setting, only to encounter the hurdle of "no available power"? This challenge is all too familiar for artists aiming to express themselves in special locations, be it for music videos or live shows.

Take Felix Kröcher, renowned German DJ. His dream venue? The Landschaftspark Halde Hoheward, an industrial park transformed into a stunning public space. But there was one hurdle: a lack of traditional power sources.

However, this partnership with Instagrid, initiated with the idea of offering artists total freedom of where to bring their ideas to life, made Kröcher's vision a reality.

Check out our video showcasing the seamless unfolding of his performance, all fueled by clean and silent energy. No disruptions from generators or environmental harm—just pure, uninterrupted artistry.

Instagrid ONE offers a powerful shift in portable power. This compact unit delivers 3,600 watts continuously, eliminating the limitations of traditional generators. Even better, Instagrid LINK allows you to connect up to three ONE units, multiplying your power capacity and creative possibilities.

Imagine performing an intimate concert amidst nature, shooting a music video at the top of a mountain, or delivering electrifying performances at a festival—all without harming the environment. Instagrid turns these ideas into reality.

Join the movement of innovative power solutions and empower your artistic vision. Let's raise the volume on creative expression while lowering our impact on the planet, one performance at a time.

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