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igONEmax vs generator

Instagrid ONE max: Peak Power Without Oversizing

Welcome to the age of innovation, where portability and power unite! Professionals in the construction and events fields rely on an array of power tools for their day-to-day operations, and one crucial factor often determines their efficiency and success: having enough energy when you need it or, in other words, peak power.

When it comes to tools like circular saws, angle grinders, and welders, peak power requirements can surge significantly during intense tasks such as cutting thick materials or welding heavy metals. These tools demand brief but substantial bursts of power, and traditional generators must be sized to accommodate these peaks to avoid overloading or underperformance.

To meet the peak power needs of various tools, professionals often resort to using larger generators than strictly necessary. But this approach comes with a price! Oversized generators: 

  • are more expensive, 

  • consume more fuel, producing unnecessary emissions and contributing to environmental concerns, 

  • are very heavy, and need at least two people to move them. 

Thanks to Instagrid, the times of oversized generators are now over. The Instagrid ONE max, weighing only 20 kg, is the perfect solution for the oversizing problem: delivering 2.1 kWh capacity and 3,6 kW rated power, this portable power station delivers 18 kW of peak power and meets any challenge with tools.

This video speaks for itself: 

instagrid ONE max: Peak Power Without Oversizing

As you can see, the Instagrid ONE max provides the solutions for your power needs: 

  • Reduced cost investments: You'll pay on average just 1€ per charge, saving you significant expenses compared to traditional power solutions. 

  • Environmentally friendly: With no direct emissions, the Instagrid ONE max aligns with your commitment to sustainability and a cleaner environment. 

  • Enhanced mobility: Its lightweight design allows easy movement by a single person, reducing setup times and boosting productivity on the go. 

  • Safety first: Say goodbye to long cables and tripping hazards—the Instagrid ONE max ensures a safer workspace. 

  • Versatile storage: The compact size allows for convenient storage anywhere you need it. 

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