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instagrid ONE max and a camera carried in rural area, Convary

instagrid ONE max – your companion for off-grid content production

This time we tested instagrid ONE max for powering an off-grid content filming and production. Elisa and Ron, professional content producers from Convary, had the instagrid ONE max on their trip to Scotland – they used the unit for example for powering professional light sets, recharging small electronic devices, and even powering their cooking equipment.

Elisa and Ron run the content creation agency Convary and connect their passion for unique content and travel. Several times a year, the two plan filming trips to the most beautiful locations in the world. As an efficient team of two, they take on the tasks of an entire agency and produce content for clients in multiple different fields: hotels, RV manufacturers, fashion, cosmetics, and outdoor brands.

”instagrid ONE max always provides us with the necessary power to work self-sufficiently in places where a professional shooting would otherwise not be possible.” – Elisa & Ron, Convary

instagrid ONE max being carried by Ron from Convary content creation agency along with a drone in the other hand in rural, off-grid area of Scotland

On their trips, they need to power especially small electronic devices, such as cameras and laptops, and professional light sets. Due to the unique, remote locations Elisa and Ron shoot in, grid energy is hardly ever available. Also, their camper vehicle has a weight limit, so they couldn’t include an inverter in their RV to charge their equipment there.

“Because our vehicle does not have an inverter due to the 3.5 ton weight limit, we would definitely have to rely on campsites for our work and power consumption. But since we prefer wild camping, we decided to use instagrid ONE max for our power needs.” – Elisa, Convary

instagram ONE max portable power system used in content creation and filming in an off-grid, rural areas of Scotland.

1) instagrid ONE max being the main source of power at the trip 2) clips from Elisa’s and Ron’s previous trip to Norway with instagrid ONE max

While changing filming locations, Elisa and Ron make short stops at campsites, where they can charge the instagrid ONE max system. Normally, one charge of instagrid ONE max lasts about one full week in their use. As instagrid ONE max only takes under 3 hours to fully charge, Elisa and Ron don’t need to stop at a campsite for overnight, but they can charge the instagrid system while having a bit longer lunch break at the campsite.

instagrid ONE max used and charged for video filming and content creation in an off-grid, rural area of Scotland.

1) Small electronics that are charged with instagrid ONE max 2) instagrid ONE max being charged at a campsite

Summary: perfect combination of power and compactness for off-grid content filming

High peak power to power any 230V device instagrid ONE max can power any device requiring 230V, no matter how high peak power. In content creation and filming this means you can power any professional light set or filming equipment you could think of. Complete silence Especially when filming video productions, silence can be necessary requirement. instagrid ONE max is completely silent in use. Small size for compact travelling instagrid ONE max unit weighs only 20kg and is compact in size: great solution when travel space is limited. Long runtime and quick charging With Convary, the instagrid ONE max unit lasts for a week with one charge – and when the unit needs to be charged, it only takes a 3 hour stop at a camping site to charge the unit again to 100%.

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