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Instagrid x All-Up: The Future is Battery-Powered!

From its base in the heart of eastern Netherlands, All-Up provides construction and industrial maintenance crews throughout the country with a variety of reliable and ultramodern elevators, cranes, and work platforms. Traditionally, their customers in the construction and industrial sectors have used their equipment in combination with power tools and equipment that relied on carbon-based energy, including combustion generators.

However, generators have a number of disadvantages: they generate a lot of heat, and thus waste energy; they produce significant quantities of fumes, noise pollution, and carbon emissions; and they are heavy and bulky. Thus, recently more and more All-Up customers have been expressing an interest in going electric and in turning to alternative portable power solutions.

All-Up introduces them to Instagrid’s solution —a portable product suiting their energy needs.

all-up x instagrid video

Simon Ten Have, Sales Manager at All-Up, reports that All-Up’s clients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with their experience with Instagrid. Simon points out that they rely solely on Instagrid generators to power their Paus easy elevators. “Instagrid”, he says, “is a durable solution, so our customers can work always, and anywhere.” Instagrid and All-Up share a commitment to finding efficient and effective solutions for their clients’ energy needs and thus working for a greener, more sustainable future.

“With instagrid we now have a solution for our customers for the future.”

Simon Ten Have

Sales Manager, All-Up

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