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gigmit x Baiba

Make The Mountains Your Music Hall with Instagrid ONE

Our exciting events series with gigmit has given us the unique opportunity to offer artists total freedom in where they choose to bring their ideas to life. This partnership has led to a variety of innovative performances and experiences, including an exclusive concert held by electro-pop musician Baiba.

Take Your Performance Off-Grid

An often-overlooked barrier faced by many creatives like Baiba is how to perform in unconventional – yet incredibly inspiring – spaces, which often lack traditional power sources. After all, there aren’t any wall outlets out in the desert during a music festival, or in this case on a remote mountainside.

“[N]ature gives me so much healing, so much energy… and I'm very, extremely grateful to be able to enjoy that with my favorite people.”

Living in the alpine city of Innsbruck, Baiba was seeking a stage with a more at-home feel – the nearby Salfeiner See hiking area. Boasting incredible mountain and lake views, it’s the perfect place for concertgoers to experience an artist's unfiltered creative energy.

In most circumstances, this would be near-impossible – scaling a mountain with the necessary gear is quite a task on its own. Let alone finding a power source that does not release any harmful emissions into the nearby environment. That’s where Instagrid’s portable power solution becomes a true game-changer.

Instagrid ONE made the impossible possible for Baiba, allowing her fans to enjoy a breathtaking view and performance, without any bulky equipment getting in the way. Check out the full video below and see how Baiba was able to share her music without limits – powered by clean energy and in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Power Your Next Event with Instagrid

Instagrid ONE allows event organisers to set up virtually anywhere, thanks to its lightweight and portable design. You can enjoy the benefits of 3,600 W of continuous power, while avoiding the toxic fumes and disruptive noise of a traditional generator. If your ideal event venue is a desert or hillside without any wall outlets, Instagrid lets you take a 230 V power supply with you virtually anywhere, all in a device weighing only 20kg.

Looking for continuous sound quality to reach your attendees? With a single charge, Instagrid ONE can power a typical PA system for ~16 hours. Running an event in the dark, remote desert and need some illumination? A 0.4kW LED light can be run for ~5 hours at full brightness, again, on just one charge.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how Instagrid power solutions can elevate your green events. Furthermore, as an organiser you can get even closer to achieving net zero by utilising Instagrid. Support the global green revolution while ensuring your events stay uninterrupted, clean, and efficient – leaving artists, entertainers, and fans alike to create without limitation.