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Moving Toward a Clean New Era

The global focus on clean, renewable energy has started to reduce carbon emissions from road transport and grid electricity in the last decade. However, mobile off-grid energy has seen little change over the past century. In various industries such as construction, agriculture, emergency response, and film production, hundreds of millions of people worldwide still rely on small combustion engines for their everyday work. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Modern battery technology has already shown immense potential in decarbonizing various sectors. It can stabilize renewable electricity production for the grid and power modern electric cars, gradually replacing their fuel-dependent counterparts. At Instagrid, we believe that battery technology can also revolutionize mobile power supply and are committed to proving it. Transforming mobile work After almost four years of dedicated development, we launched the world's most advanced portable battery-based power supply, Instagrid ONE, in 2021. Our flagship product has since revolutionized mobile work by putting the grid’s unconstrained power in a compact and convenient power supply without compromise. Adding complete weather resistance and silent operation, our claims are often met with disbelief until customers try our products themselves. We have received numerous testimonials from customers who have transformed the way they work: from metal workers requiring ultra-high peak power for welding on-the-go, to film crews streamlining their operations by avoiding cumbersome cables and noisy power generators on set. Our power supplies are not only a more sustainable alternative, but simply a better way to deliver off-grid power in all dimensions. This is underlined by the fact that 44,000 professionals joined our user base in 2023, a number that we are incredibly proud of. High-Impact and Cost-Efficient Electrifying mobile work has the potential to significantly reduce harmful emissions on a global scale. We have just begun our journey, and we’re already making a considerable impact today. By 2023, we reduced exhaust emissions equivalent to taking 70,000 cars off the road. And our efforts will continue. By 2030, our goal is to transform the workplaces of 10 million people, while also cutting 100 mega tonnes of CO2e emissions and eliminating 15,000 tonnes of local air pollutants.

We have proven that our portable battery-based power supplies offer cost savings of almost 80% over their lifetime as they do not require fuel, lubricants, or maintenance. This, coupled with the clear improvements in workers' health and safety, makes them a win-win-win value proposition for operators, users, and the environment. Join the clean mobile power movement We have discovered a fast and cost-effective solution to a major problem that does not necessitate significant investments, new infrastructure, or planning permits. However, the road ahead requires collective action. We urge businesses, governments, and NGOs to unite with us in the clean mobile power movement. Together, we can retire millions of small combustion engines polluting our planet today and usher in a new era of clean, grid-like power anywhere for everyone.

- Sebastian Berning & Andreas Sedlmayr, Instagrid CEOs and founders

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