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Instant Power,
Lasting Impact

Liberate clean energy. Now.

In the clean energy transition, we often focus on energy generation or transportation. Yet around one billion small combustion engines pollute our cities and atmosphere every day. Our cutting-edge portable battery technology provides an instant solution to this overlooked problem. Join us in making a tangible difference – today.


Lead your company to zero

Decide how quickly your workplace becomes pollutant-free. Join the growing movement of companies getting rid of combustion generators. With Instagrid, eliminate excess noise and exhaust gases – all the while fast-tracking your climate goals.

A science-based approach

Together with external agencies and following international frameworks, we’ve conducted extensive studies into the environmental impact of our batteries. These findings serve as the foundation for our ambitious targets and initiatives.

Our impact in 2022

Together with our customers, we made the following impact in 2022.

1.9 GWH

of energy delivered

The energy consumption of 1300 people in Germany

-21kt CO2e

through local use of our portable batteries

The yearly power output of 6 wind turbines

-10T NOX

through local use of our portable batteries

14,000 cars taken off the roads

Estimate the impact you could make by replacing your combustion generators with Instagrid.

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