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Ornella Mikwasa Gigmit cover

Beyond Boundaries: Remote Performances Powered by Instagrid LINK

In the realm of music, creativity knows no limits. Artists often find inspiration in remote landscapes, seeking the ideal setting for their performances. However, conventional power sources like generators pose environmental and logistical challenges, limiting their use in pristine locations. But what if this didn’t have to be the case?

At Instagrid, our recent collaboration with Gigmit, a platform connecting musicians with promoters, was born from the idea of offering artists total freedom in bringing their ideas to life, even in the most remote areas without access to electricity. Combining Instagrid ONE and Instagrid LINK into a powerful system, this partnership became a reality.

In one of our recent projects, we curated a concert featuring the vibrant sounds of Congolese-German artist Ornella Mikwasa. Her blend of rumba and afro beats echoed through the Cologne Forest, creating a lively and captivating live experience for her audience.

Check out this video to be electrified by her talent!

Instagrid ONE provides a portable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel generators, delivering 3,600 W of continuous power without the noise and exhaust associated with generators. With the introduction of Instagrid LINK, connecting up to three Instagrid ONE units triples the overall capacity.

The benefits of using Instagrid's portable power supplies go beyond environmental consciousness. Their versatility opens doors to flexible filming locations, empowering artists to authentically capture their musical essence without sacrificing production quality. Whether on a mountain peak, a secluded forest clearing, or a historic landmark, Instagrid's portable power solutions make it possible to bring music videos to life in the most unconventional settings.

Join the portable power revolution and unlock a world of possibilities with Instagrid.