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In August we moved to our new office space at Getrag-Areal business park. Located only a 10 minute  train-ride from Stuttgart Central Station in picturesque city of Ludwigsburg, we found a perfect space to grow and nurture our team further.

We wanted the working space to support our culture of working together and being open and supportive for new ideas. After all, we find the best things about working at instagrid to be the transparency in the company, with everyone knowing what’s going on within different fields – from product development to customer relations. Most of us work on many different topics, often simultaneously, which we find to be one of the most rewarding aspects of working for a start-up.

Therefore, our office should be an open playground, that supports you as a specialist in your field but a generalist in your mindset. Provided with 400 square meters of raw office space, we decided not to build any walls and have a minimal amount of shelves and dividers to keep the atmosphere opened and relaxed.

The new space has a room for a full-scale lab as well as an area for pilot production, together with secluded areas for groupwork and phone calls. Today, being a team of 20 people and with plans to double the company within the next year, we planned this with a long term perspective. The kitchen with a large table and the coffee machine is in the heart of the space, welcoming our team and visitors for exchange of opinions, thoughts and ideas.

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