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LocLum Testimonial

Silent Power: Transforming Film and Media Production with Instagrid

Rental companies are the quiet heroes of the entertainment industry, providing a wide array of essential equipment for photo and film shoots. From cameras and cranes to lights and power sources, rentals offer a comprehensive range of tools, ensuring filmmakers have easy access to everything they need for their projects.

Imagine having a product that not only enhances your services but also revolutionizes your customers' workflows, all while reducing your environmental footprint. Enter Instagrid ONE, the cutting-edge portable power solution that's changing the game in the film and media industry.

Silent Power: Transforming Film and Media Production with Instagrid

As Leo from Loclum, a camera and lighting rental company in Barcelona, shares in this customer testimonial, Instagrid is more than just a power pack. It's a silent, powerful, and portable solution that addresses several pain points for filmmakers and producers by providing:

  • Unparalleled power: High-powered equipment like Profoto Flashes can easily overwhelm traditional generators. Instagrid ONE's ability to handle power spikes ensures consistent performance, even for the most demanding equipment.

  • Extended runtime: Instagrid ONE's modular design, coupled with the new Instagrid LINK, allows for hot-swapping units and tripling capacity & run-time.

  • Silent workspace: Traditional generators are notorious for producing disruptive noise on location shoots. Instagrid ONE operates silently, allowing filmmakers to capture pristine audio without the hum of a generator.

  • Emission-free workspace: Reducing the film industry's carbon footprint by eliminating the need for petrol-powered generators, and the pollution and toxic fumes they emit.

  • Ease of Use: The intuitive design and simplicity enable anyone to understand how the device works within seconds. Plus, with an IP54 rating, it is suitable for use inside or outdoors in all weather conditions.

We experimented with Instagrid ONE at Loclum's headquarters, testing it with various types of equipment. Here are some examples of what an Instagrid ONE unit can do with just a single charge:

  • Profoto Pro-10 (4,800 W): 2,700 flashes at full power

  • Arri M18 (1,800 W): 60 minutes

  • Aputure 1,200 D Pro (1,200 W): 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • Digital kit, consisting of a Macbook Pro (96 W), a Monitor Eizo 27’’ (32 W), and a Camera Canon R5 (45 W): 11 hours and 20 minutes

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