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Instagrid Schottland 04-2022-8

Powering Progress: How Zero Labs & Instagrid Partnered for Downstream Scope 3 Decarbonization

Imagine using a portable power system that not only fuels your tools but also sets local emissions to zero and helps the fight against climate change. We have conducted a comprehensive study with external partners to understand the environmental burdens associated with our portable power solutions. Part of these so-called lifecycle CO2e emissions are related to the charging behavior of customers and the efficiency loss of our products in the use phase. These CO2e are based on the assumption that our customers charge with an EU average electricity mix and can be significantly reduced by using renewables. That's the innovative collaboration between Zero Labs and Instagrid.

Taking Decarbonization Beyond Our Walls

This collaboration tackled Scope 3 emissions, focusing on the environmental impact of customer product use. We partnered with Zero Labs, together enabling a construction company to power their Instagrid ONE units with renewables from the European grid, effectively neutralizing the associated carbon footprint.

Transparency Through Green Proofs

Zero Labs provided Instagrid with this Green Proof, a digital receipt verifying the customer's ownership of 1.18 MWh of the renewable energy procured and claiming to have decarbonized the customer’s Instagrid ONE electricity use. This proof offers data-driven evidence of our positive impact with deep traceability and empowers users to better understand and share their climate action journey.

Building a Greener Future, Together

In the words of Sarah Fichtner, Head of Sustainability at Instagrid, "This partnership allows us to seamlessly combine providing carbon-free power for professionals while supporting the global energy transition."

This collaboration paves the way for companies to actively tackle downstream Scope 3 emissions with simple digital technologies, building a more sustainable future one customer, one Green Proof, at a time.

Ready to join the clean energy revolution?

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