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instagrid x Creambee

Buzzworthy Innovation: Instagrid ONE max Empowers Organic Beekeeping

In the spirit of the summer season, let's explore a fun yet powerful application of the Instagrid ONE max that fills us with sweet delight!

In the fascinating word of beekeeping, Arthur and Thomas from the apiary Creambee have taken up sustainable practices to protect their honeybee colonies. The Varroa mite, a parasitic intruder, poses a significant threat to honeybee colonies by infesting hives and weakening colonies by feeding on the bodily fluids of bees.

To combat this menace, Arthur and Thomas have adopted the Instagrid ONE max to power the Varroa Controller, an innovative device that heats up brood frames to effectively eliminate the mites without harming the developing bees.

With Instagrid, Arthur and Thomas no longer need to carry heavy combustion generators into the forest, making the process more convenient and eco-friendlier. They simply turn the switch and plug the Varroa Controller into the Instagrid ONE max. This change has brought several benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to carry heavy combustion generators, making the process much more convenient.

  • Mitigates the risk of wildfires and potential pollution from carrying gasoline into the forest.

  • Results in significant cost savings as there's no longer a need to purchase gasoline.

  • Minimizes negative environmental and health impacts by avoiding exhaust fumes and noise pollution.

By adopting these sustainable practices and utilizing the Instagrid ONE max, Arthur and Thomas are contributing to the protection and prosperity of their bee colonies, ensuring the health and well-being of their vital pollinators.

Check out this video and learn about the benefits of using the Instagrid ONE max in the wondrous world of beekeeping and organic farming.

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