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“Efficiency through flexibility” – how instagrid battery helped restoration professional to build more efficient workflow

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Building restoration and monument protection work is not only difficult because of its precise nature and need for extreme carefulness in the tasks. Sometimes the electricity grid is not available at all in the building, or if there is one, the infrastructure is extremely old. This brings an extra challenge for already challenging craftmanship.

We wanted to see if instagrid battery could bring easement and efficiency to the workflow of restoration workers. We partnered up with a German company, Steinmetz-Schönfeld, who work broadly in the fields of restoration and stonemasonry with a motto to especially preserve and secure historical buildings. The owner, an experienced stonemason, tested instagrid battery on their typical workday and found higher efficiency due to flexibility, and overall benefit from the decrease of pollution and noise. He was not only amazed by the power of instagrid battery, but the convenience it brought to him when he was able to power all of his tools with it.

Preserving and restoring historical buildings

Steinmetz-Schönfeld has years of experience in restoration work and special expertise in stonework, which allows them to work especially with the restoration of old historical buildings. In addition to strengthening and grouting of buildings, for example, they reproduce damaged building components according to a specific architectural style. In their line of work, they utilize multiple different tools from high power water pressures to heavy-duty power tools.

Sustainability has always been an important value for Steinmetz-Schönfeld as a company. The business of restoring and preserving, instead of building new, creates a fundamental value of a more conscious and sustainable building. The owner of Steinmetz-Schönfeld aims to remove all fossil fuel generators from their company and go fully electric – right now, for example, all their company cars are electric.

using instagrid for concrete drill

Clear time savings and improved efficiency on a daily basis

During the tests with instagrid battery, the owner powered diamond core drill, high-pressure water pump, industrial vacuum cleaner, and jackhammer with instagrid battery. The powered tools were all necessary to allow him to work on his project. The instagrid battery was able to power all of these tools without any problems, and in addition, the owner even tried to charge their Renault Twizy with it, and it worked perfectly for that as well. When it comes to the endurance of the battery, two instagrid batteries would be enough to power all of his tools during the workday. Regarding on run time of specific tools, for example, a diamond core drill could run 4 hours with the instagrid battery.

“We were very impressed by the instagrid product. The battery is so small, but still has so much power.”

In most of Steinmetz-Schönfeld’s projects, the workers need to work without an electricity grid or with a very old electrical infrastructure which requires extra safety measures. This requires either extra time spent on securing the safety of the grid, or the use of loud and heavy diesel generators. When the buildings have an old electrical infrastructure, it requires a separate specialist to assist Steinmetz-Schönfeld in securing any potential electrical hazards and take extra safety measurements. Coordination with outside personnel and the time needed for the set-ups would always slow down the workflow. With a portable battery system, the workers from Steinmetz-Schönfeld can start their work faster and on their own schedule. This brings clear time savings and flexibility to their workflow.

“We don’t need to rely anymore on outside personnel and coordinate the details with them beforehand. We can just show up and start to work.”

Steinmetz using jackhammer with instagrid ONE max

The ability to work without loud noises and pollution

The ability to work without loud noises and pollution is important for Steinmetz-Schönfeld, especially when projects are located for example in city gardens or at the cemetery. When comparing to their previous solution for energy, a generator, instagrid battery is completely silent and cuts all direct air pollution. Having the ability to cut all direct co2 emissions and lower overall emissions in their energy production support Steinmetz-Schönfeld’s fundamental sustainability values.

Removed emissions open up also broader working possibilities for them. For example, projects located in tunnels have been very difficult, as the use of generators in tunnels requires extensive safety measures. With the instagrid battery, working in tunnels is possible as effortlessly as in any other location.

The minimized noise pollution brings clear advantage especially for projects located in central or in residential areas. Right now, Steinmetz-Schönfeld is working on a project in the heart of Stuttgart with which they have no access to electricity – this means they need to get their electricity from a loud generator, which disturbs the residents and overall atmosphere in the area. With instagrid battery, Steinmetz can remove generator noise pollution completely.

“We’ve been waiting for a solution, that would remove the need for diesel generators completely.”

power wash in a graveyard using instagrid ONE Max

Summary – instagrid battery test with Steinmetz-Schönfeld GmbH

  • Independence from the grid improved efficiency: removed the time used for coordination with third-party workers

  • The lightweight design added extra convenience to workdays

  • Reduced noise pollution created a clear advantage for the projects located in residential areas and central locations

  • Mitigated emissions allowed projects located in tunnels to be as time- and cost-efficient as in any other location

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