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“Electricity anywhere, no direct emissions” – how carpentry professional powered multiple working days with instagrid

instagrid X albtisch video builds beautiful dining and side tables from local wood in Swabian Alb, Germany. Maxi, one of the founders of, tells that their motto is “from the tree here, to the table there”. They know exactly where every single tree has stood, what is the story behind it, and how it has been processed before it ends up in your living or dining room – this means that also the customer will know the entire story of their furniture.

Rene and Maxi, the founders of, started the business working out of their own backyard, but quickly noticed that orders were flooding in and their backyard was not enough – they needed another solution. Rene and Maxi have always enjoyed working in the nature and wanted to explore an option to produce tables in the nature. They found the perfect location on the edge of a forest – but they needed electricity and the use of combustion generators was not allowed in this nature area.  Environmental protection is very important for them and one of values, so they also wanted to stay away from using combustion generators. This is why instagrid battery presented a great solution for them – with instagrid, Rene and Maxi are able to work in nature, have all the power they need for their appliances, but still honour their values and work in an environmentally friendly way.

“Environmental protection and utilizing local wood are part of our concept. This is why it’s great that we don’t need to use a combustion generator, but we have a more environmental-friendly way to power our tools off-grid.” -Rene

woodworking circular saw and orbital sander powered by instagrid ONE Max

instagrid portable battery had enough energy to power all tools needed during the day

Rene and Maxi tested instagrid battery in powering the process of making an sidetable. With instagrid ONE Max (2.1 kWh) battery, they had enough power to produce 10 sidetables from scratch to ready.

The production of an table starts with a tree trunk, which is either cut from the forest by Rene and Maxi, or it’s received from friends or other acquaintances. This way Rene and Maxi can always know the history of the tree trunk used for precise tables. The tree trunk is first sawn into slices, and then stacked for drying. After a long drying process, the actual final production of the table can begin – here is where the use of instagrid battery comes into the picture.

“instagrid battery gives us enough energy, no matter the location, to grind and process our discs, so that we have wonderful tables at the end.” -Rene

First, they grind the disc roughly with a Bosch impact drill (750 W), using a very coarse sandpaper. After this, the fine sanding is done with a Bosch eccentric sander (370 W), where the disc is sanded down to a very fine grain of 240. Finally, the disc is cleaned of dust with air compressor, oiled, and the table legs are screwed in with an impact drill (750 W). instagrid battery easily powers all the tools used for the process, and in total the battery had enough energy to power the production of 10 side tables. With instagrid, Rene and Maxi don’t need to worry that they would run out of energy or power.

“Portable battery system is definitely an optimal solution for our needs.” -Rene

wood orbital sander powered by instagrid ONE Max

Work flexibility without sacrificing environmental values

Ultimately instagrid brought flexibility to Rene’s and Maxi’s workday without sacrificing their values on environmentally friendly solutions. “We can easily load the battery pack into our car, drive out into the nature, take out our high-performance machines, plug them in and just start working”, Rene describes. When powering their work with instagrid battery, Rene and Maxi are able to work from any place they wish to. They can keep the battery in their car, so they always have the possibility to work whenever they want to.

“For us, instagrid is the perfect solution. We can work at home, but we can also work on the road and in the nature.” –Maxi

Summary – instagrid test with

  • instagrid was able to power all typical tools used in carpentry work – and the battery capacity lasted for multiple working days

  • Using portable battery brought flexibility to working, and a possibility to work in completely off-grid locations

  • Portable battery solution removes the need for combustion generators, and supports with it’s environmental values

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