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instagrid is fully charged!

We are excited to announce that we successfully closed our seed financing round, led by High-Tech Gründerfonds from Germany with participation of Segnalita Ventures GmbH from Austria and the Swiss Martin Global AG. instagrid develops portable power supplies, that enhance efficiency, reliability and work safety across multiple working environments.  We feel very lucky to have met people who feel as passionately as we do about mobile energy and see the great potential in our product. 

We are looking forward to expanding the company, at the same time we find ourselves humble and grateful, as it has taken us many days of pitching, selling, networking and negotiating to come to this point. We’ve experienced “back to the drawing board” moments, and some sleepless nights to get everything in the right direction. But finally, here we are, and instagrid is now ready to accelerate growth.

We create software-defined batteries combining unprecedented power with a portable, lightweight design. instagrid is on a mission to bringing electricity anywhere you might need it. Making work easier and more efficient for the millions of people working off-grid.   

So, what happens next? We are now ready to put some final touches on our prototypes and start the first pre-series production. This year we will continue developing new product features to meet our customer’s needs and we are planning our first launch by the end of the year. We will now be hiring more staff, particularly engineering, so check out our open positions and get in touch at if you or a friend are interested!

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