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instagrid x BIRDDOGS

How BIRDDOGS transformed their music video shoot with Instagrid

When it comes to filming a music video, electricity is an indispensable element. It powers the sound system, lights, camera settings, cranes, fog machines, fridges, and various other equipment. However, film shoots become challenging in remote locations where a reliable energy source is hard to come by.

While combustion generators have been the go-to solution, greener alternatives are now making their mark. Recently, the Berlin-based cover-band BIRDDOGS embarked on a journey to film their music video for their debut song "Hey, wann fahr'n wir endlich los?" and found a game-changer in Instagrid. In this interview, Peter Hemsing, co-lead vocalist and guitarist of BIRDDOGS, shares their experience during the shooting process.

instagrid x BIRDDOGS: interview

BIRDDOGS' music video for "Hey, wann fahr'n wir endlich los?" showcases the power of Instagrid in revolutionizing the filming process. By providing a reliable and greener alternative to traditional combustion generators, Instagrid enabled the band to bring their artistic vision to life in remote locations.

With the elimination of noise, fumes, and maintenance issues, Instagrid made the shooting experience seamless and more environmentally friendly. As the music and film industry continues to prioritize sustainability and green production, solutions like the Instagrid ONE max will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of on-location shoots.

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