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Harsch x instagrid

Instagrid goes underground – diverse applications in new partnership with Harsch

A family business with over 100 years history in southwest Germany, Harsch Bau GmbH & Co KG has a strong reputation for realizing construction projects. Harsch has been testing the Instagrid ONE Max and we are excited to announce that they have placed a large order.

Harsch will employ the Instagrid ONE max as part of its mobile power infrastructure and use it a variety of applications such as powering PE welders, diamond drills, flex grinders, angle grinding and water pumps.

Harsch’s subsidiary Artur Weiler Gmbh + Co. KG, which specializes in underground pipeline construction, will also employ the Instagrid ONE max. The Instagrid ONE max only weights 20kg, giving it excellent portability in comparison to conventional generators. It produces no fumes and is silent. All these features lend it perfectly to use in below-surface construction.

With Instagrid, Harsch will reduce its CO2 footprint and ensure that its employees will have state-of-the-art, high-performance power generation at their disposal.

Harsch management team shaking hands with instagrid people