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Unboxing: instagrid ONE max

instagrid ONE max: unboxed, demonstrated, and reviewed

It replaces diesel and combustion generators, but it is so much more than a replacement. It takes efficiency to another level, turns working in impossible work locations to effortless, and improves work comfortability. instagrid ONE max creates a whole new way of working.

Join Felix, the designer of instagrid ONE max, to talk about all things relating to the system: the product specs, technology, sustainability, and real-life user testing.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: introduction

First, let’s unbox the system to have a closer look. Unboxing of instagrid ONE max has been made as simple as the use of the system itself. In the package, you’ll find a charging cable, a product manual in 22 languages, and naturally, the unit itself.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: packaging

Because we've put so much effort into developing the instagrid ONE max, we've had to have a packaging with as high standards. The key factors in the packaging development were robustness, simplicity, and sustainability, just like in the development of the instagrid ONE max system. We wanted the packaging to be easy to carry and have a simple design, but also be robust enough to protect the unit and use sustainable materials. This is how the packaging came together in the hands of our designer, Felix Fuchs, and the development agency, KLINGELE.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: design

During the entire design process, we listened a lot to our future potential customers, and we saw that the ease of use and the simplicity are key. In the beginning of the design process, we started building prototypes: easy, simple, fast-built prototypes. This allowed us to visit our customers on-site to test with them together and get direct feedback.

Overall, the design follows a minimalistic approach, which means each design element is arguable and thought out. The user interface is as simple as possible: only a socket, main switch, and charging inlet. The frame protects the unit, and the handle is designed to give the maximum of ergonomics.

A maximum of robustness is not the only thing which differentiates us from our competitors. With 20 kg, it's the weight; with IP54, it's the water resistance; and with 18,000 watts of peak power, it’s the performance.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: energy capacity

Most of our customers cover their needs for energy with around two kilowatt hours on one workday – instagrid ONE max’s energy capacity is 2.1 kWh. Even if there is a higher demand of energy, our customers can recharge the unit during the workday. After two and a half hours, the unit is completely recharged and ready to go.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: software and safety

Another topic which is important for us, and our customers is safety. Software is one of the key factors in our product, and it plays a big part in terms of safety. Like our design, software makes the use of our product as easy as possible. It enables the product to have many features like voltage generation, battery management, charging, user interface, protection and many more.

One example of how the software protects the battery cells is during charging. Imagine running a welding machine outside at 40°C, and after your job is done you want to recharge the system. Software gets the information from sensors, and it makes sure that charging happens at optimum cell temperature. This is one of many features how our software increases the lifetime of your instagrid ONE max.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: sustainability

Sustainability is in the DNA of instagrid. With instagrid ONE max, we aim to reduce lifecycle emissions from production, use, to end of life. There are emissions related to every stage of the product. However, compared with mobile fossil fuel generators, instagrid ONE max enables users to utilize renewable energy sources, significantly improves energy efficiency, and therefore helps to reduce emissions over the lifetime.

Unboxing instagrid ONE max: customer test

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