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Instagrid takes a technology leap to enable zero-emission construction - unveils a new game-changing product concept for a large-scale mobile battery at Bauma 2022

Instagrid expands its product portfolio by introducing a new product concept for large-scale mobile battery to power entire construction sites. The ZERO 387 builds on the distinctive and highly advanced instagrid technology. The technology has been proven on the market by customers across Europe using the lightweight portable instagrid ONE max for demanding power tools.

The construction industry is currently looking for solutions to access reliable off-grid electricity, manage growing fuel prices and decarbonize with zero-emission building. Diesel and gasoline powered generators are today the main source of power for mobile work at construction sites, but these combustion generators produce considerable emissions, cause health hazards and drive up economic costs.

To offer a better alternative, instagrid - the fast-growing German clean technology startup – has created the world’s most advanced 230V portable battery for professionals with high power demands. The instagrid ONE max battery works like a wall socket in your hand, providing unprecedented power levels with a truly lightweight and portable design. The ONE max is the only off-grid power supply that provides emission-free energy for demanding power tools.

At bauma 2022, instagrid goes further and unveils a new product concept to meet a growing demand for a high-performing, large-scale mobile battery to optimise power infrastructure efficiency at construction sites and help to reach net-zero goals.

instagrid ZERO 387 at unveiled at bauma fair

Introducing instagrid ZERO 387 – world’s most compact high-performance mobile battery for emissions-free, silent off-grid electricity

The new ZERO 387 product concept builds on the distinctive and highly advanced instagrid technology. This technology has proven itself in the market by customers across Europe using the instagrid ONE max to ensure reliable, high-quality battery power supply for demanding power tools. Now instagrid responds to growing customer demand to power entire construction sites with a large-scale battery supply. As plant machinery and automotive are electrifying, the demand for fast and flexible power and charging at temporary sites is rising.

With unparalleled 387 kWh power capacity, instagrid ZERO 387 serves the broadest range of high demand applications including cranes, pumps, and other heavy machinery. Three times smaller than existing containerized solutions, ZERO 387 fits the most space-constrained sites and drastically cuts the environmental footprint and cost of transporting batteries. ZERO 387 also exceed in user experience compared to other existing solutions, being easy to handle and operate both on-site and remotely.

The instagrid ZERO 387 has been developed to increase performance and flexibility in sectors including:

  • construction and infrastructure

  • live events & festivals

  • film & media

  • utilities & telecoms

Daily live demos and new sustainability data published at bauma

Instagrid showcases the new ZERO 387 product concept at bauma and runs daily live demonstrations of the instagrid ONE max in applications like welding, diamond drilling, concrete sawing, professional lightening and more. Instagrid also publishes a White Paper with verified data on how battery technologies are significantly more sustainable than combustions generators.

Find us at bauma on booths A1.515 (indoor) and A23.11 (outdoor). Navigate the map here.