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instagrid to replace 30,000 fuel-powered generators by 2022 – tests now started with Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau

Fossil fuel generators are still indispensable on construction sites, in civil protection, and in many more areas. One of our biggest goals is to make urban construction sites emission-free in the future with instagrid’s mobile power infrastructure by replacing the fossil fuel generators.

According to EU and U.S. environmental authorities (EEA and EPA), non-road mobile machines and equipment (NRMM) cause 15 percent of all nitrogen oxide emissions and 5 percent of particulate matter. To drive action for better air quality, we are now testing the instagrid ONE portable power systems as part of the EU LIFE Clean Air project. As part of this project, 100 instagrid ONE power systems are being tested with 20 different partners from the construction industry in eight European countries.

instagrid ONE Max with containers in the background

One of these partners is Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, one of the leading construction companies in Germany, which is primarily active in the German market for civil engineering as well as in the international market for tunnel construction. Safe working conditions throughout the construction process, minimization of CO² emissions and successful waste recycling are key topics Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau pay attention to. The company works in accordance with the applicable standards for quality management and environmental protection while attaching great importance to the highest possible standard of occupational safety. The company also uses digital construction to optimize the planning, execution and operation of structures and to realize projects more sustainably and efficiently.

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau has already tested the instagrid ONE prototypes in Ludwigsfelde and Brechen – and are now preparing for the actual tests as the projects kicks off.

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau tested their corded power tools with the instagrid ONE max on construction sites where there is no mains connection. One of the tests consisted of drilling 40 holes, 25 cm deep in concrete and other applications such as diamond core drilling. With such power demanding devices, the capacity of the unit was more than sufficient in these applications.

City Construction worker powering tools by Instagrid ONE Max

instagrid’s LIFE project: Cleaner air to urban construction

In total, 100 instagrid ONE power systems are tested as part of the EU LIFE Clean Air Project. The systems are tested with 20 different construction industry partners in eight European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia.

In order to sufficiently ensure the validation of this large-scale study, we are cooperating with the Hessian State Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG): As a technical-scientific environmental authority in the portfolio of the Hessian Ministry of the Environment, the HLNUG is responsible for monitoring the project results from an ecological point of view.

Testing as part of the EU LIFE Clean Air project has now started. Overall, instagrid’s solution is expected to replace 30,000 fuel-powered generators on the market by the end of the project in July 2022.