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instagrid ONE max back and front

Introducing: instagrid ONE portable power system

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The world’s most powerful portable power system, instagrid ONE, is finally on the market. With instagrid ONE you have grid-quality electricity always with you; it truly is a portable socket in your hands. With instagrid technology and the system’s modular design, you have electricity available in any off-grid location in a portable format; instagrid ONE weighs only 19 kg. With extremely high peak power (18.000 W) and system robustness (IP54+ rating), you can power all your tools with instagrid ONE, and basically work anywhere you need to.

We aim to change the off-grid working industry with our technology towards a more convenient, efficient, and environmental one. Now we are excited to launch our first-generation product available for everyone.

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Electric freedom for everyone

High quality power and efficiency

The power quality of instagrid ONE is equivalent to the wall socket at your home. Also, the power efficiency of the system is nearly 100% – what you charge it with is what you get out of it. In addition, instagrid ONE portable power system doesn’t use energy on idle, which means you don’t need to worry about turning the system off between jobs.

Renewable electricity – anywhere and anytime

At home or in the office it is easy to use electricity from renewable sources, but off-grid, people often have to rely on fuel-powered solutions because there’s simply no better option. With instagrid ONE you can utilize renewable electricity sources also when working off-grid. The system can be simply charged from your wall socket at home or in the office – meaning you can use renewable electricity wherever you are at.

Suitable for any weather conditions

Off-grid working often equals to outside, and usually, our working schedule can’t be determined by the prevailing weather conditions. instagrid ONE has IP54+ rating, meaning it’s dust and water proof, and you can work with the system at any temperature between -20°C and 45°C.

High peak power

With instagrid ONE’s 18.000 W peak power level you can easily power heavy equipment, and for example welding equipment.

Sustainable choice

Sustainability is one of the key dimensions for instagrid products. instagrid ONE doesn’t release any emissions, which makes it also an ideal solution to work with in nature and urban areas. When powering instagrid ONE system purely with renewable energy, you can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. In addition, the sustainability aspect is taken into account in product design as well; in the production of the system we have utilized recycled aluminium and plastics.

instagrid ONE max back and front

Learn more about instagrid ONE