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More space for great ideas.

We started 2019 by moving into our new office spaces at code_n. After a fabulous first year, we are happy that we found space to grow just next door.

code_n, the “Innovation Campus for Digital Pioneers”, offers all the infrastructure that we need, and it hosts some of Stuttgart’s most exciting startups such as BABYBE, code2order, aucobo and Flip. We love the unique innovative culture here and we would like to say THANK YOU to the whole code_n team that keeps this amazing place running and works hard to make it more enjoyable every single day.

Apart from doubling our desk space, we took over an additional twenty square meters of writable walls, which have become our most valuable working tool during the last year. Also, we now have a dedicated lab where we are currently setting up our electronics development and testing environment as well as a small production line for prototype assembly.

It is exciting to see how fast things are moving here at instagrid. What started in a single small room just a year ago has now become a lively little community of its own. Keeping this in mind, let’s see how long we fit in here until we have to move again! But first things first – I think we still owe a big housewarming party to everyone here – we haven’t forgotten it, folks! 😉

writable walls

You can never have enough writable walls