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Infrastructure construction powered by Instagrid ONE max

Infrastructure construction with instagrid

The city of Amsterdam is building a new neighborhood in the east district of Amsterdam – with sustainability as the core focus in the construction of the neighborhood. KWS is the main construction partner in the project – and the entire project falls under a cooperation agreement “SO Oost”, which was put into place in 2019. In this agreement, both parties have agreed to work as sustainable as possible during every step of the project, which has created a strong demand for sustainable innovations and solutions in the project. For example, at the construction site, a great number of tools are powered with batteries and electric means of transportation are being used. Also, instagrid ONE max power systems are utilized at the site to power applications demanding high power levels. When building sustainable construction sites, elimination of combustion generators is a big part of it. Whereas smaller tools might have built-in batteries in them, or some electric vehicles are already available – high power electric tools, such as jackhammers, saws, and welding machines, still need to be powered with a generator. instagrid ONE max steps in exactly here: when powering construction tools that would have needed previously a combustion generator to power them – at this construction site, for example jackhammers, table saws and tile placing machines. instagrid power system also enables you to run applications that require more than one tool powered at the same time, for example grinding machines where you need to run a vacuum cleaner at the same time to vacuum the dust.

Construction Worker carrying instagrid with one hand

With the instagrid battery technology, for the first time, you can power applications that have a grid like demand in power. instagrid ONE max has zero emissions at the point of use – and at the same time it’s run at a fraction of the operational costs compared to combustion generators. The environmental impact of the technology is significantly less when compared to combustion technology. There are zero emissions at the point of use, and at the same time there’s the chance to reduce emissions up to 90% if you consider the entire product lifecycle. Moreover, the technology is not only reducing the carbon dioxide footprint, but at the same time blocking off carbon monoxide and other emissions.

Construction worker Using instagrid ONE Max with circular saw

In addition to zero local emissions and decreased operational costs, instagrid ONE max brings benefits to work comfort and efficiency. There are no fuel logistics, the system is completely maintenance free, it’s lightweight and compact, and can be operated by a single user. Comparing to running combustion engines or pulling kilometers of cords, you can just grab the instagrid ONE max with you and start working. This technology is changing the way of working on construction sites completely.

construction worker carrying instagrid ONE Max with one hand

instagrid ONE max system is not only made for powering construction tools, but it’s a convenient companion in powering any 230V application. At this construction site, generators are completely banned, therefore even canteen applications are now running on instagrid ONE max. Freshly made coffee and tea keeps the crew energized! So, what does the future of construction sites look like? With the large gains the battery technology has took in the last decade combined with increasing actions towards climate change, construction sites will be powered by zero emission technology in the future. 

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