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Powering service vehicles to the next level

Powering service vehicle to the next level - instagrid x Modul-System

We partnered up with Modul-System, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of service vehicle racking solutions, to create together the future of service vehicle work. With Modul-System racking solution, you can now include the instagrid ONE max in the vehicle’s stock as a power source – and have the needed power always with you. The instagrid portable power system can be used either in the van, or taken with you for a work task. As instagrid ONE max is light and compact in size it makes it easy to just take with you and start working. The battery weighs 20kg, only one third of the traditional battery inverter installation. With instagrid battery, you can power any 230V tool, and while working, the battery is completely silent and free from direct emissions. With astonishing 18 000 W peak power of the system, you can power any 230V tool you could imagine, from diamond core drilling to welding and pressure cleaners. When driving, the instagrid battery is securely and crash-safely installed in the vehicle – in addition, it’s easy to install and can be retrofitted. The battery can be also directly charged in the vehicle, either during driving or a break. It takes under three hours to fully charge the battery.

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