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Power your most demanding metalwork tools with instagrid ONE max

Working with metalwork and welding tools requires demanding power levels. When off-grid, the only way to power a metalwork tool with high peak power has been to use a combustion generator. With the direct emissions, noise pollution, and an increase in costs because of oversized generators, combustion generator is rarely the most ideal solution to work with.

With instagrid ONE max, a completely silent and direct emission-free portable power station weighing 20kg, you can power all your 230 V metalwork tools from cutting to drilling and milling.

Plasma cutting with instagrid ONE max

From plasma cutting to magnetic base drilling – power your entire workday

With instagrid’s 2.1 kWh energy capacity, you can power your entire workday of metalwork. As the instagrid ONE max doesn’t have idling, there is no waste of energy and no emissions during your work process.

Well, how long can you power some of the most common metalwork tools with instagrid ONE max? A milling tool requiring 800 W of power would run for over 2,5 hours with instagrid ONE max. A 2 600 W plasma cutter would have a constant runtime of around ~50 minutes with the unit. And with a magnetic base drill requiring 1 400 W, you would be able to drill ~223 holes in stainless steel with the power from instagrid ONE max.

The time estimations above consider only the actual working time with the specific tool. When you are not using the tool, for example in preparation work, you don’t need to turn the battery off: the runtime estimation for tools is truly only about the actual work time.

In case the need for energy is higher during the day, instagrid ONE max can be charged to 100% in less than 3 hours; when working with two units, you can power even more demanding projects. From here you can download the detailed estimations for metalwork runtimes with instagrid ONE max.

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Magnetic base drilling with instagrid ONE max

You can rely on the power levels – no need for oversized generators

It’s not only the direct emissions and noise pollution from combustion generator that might impact your working process, but the actual weight of an oversized generator and its fuel logistics being an obstacle for your mobile work.

Especially, if you are working with welding tools as a part of your metalwork process, you often need to oversize your generator. For example, a simple electrode welder requires a generator with a power of about 7-10 kvA and an approximate weight of 100 kg. This makes mobile work impossible as the weight of the generator ties you to work in the same place. Also, oversized generators lead to an unnecessary, significant increase in the cost of the project. The instagrid ONE max weighs only 20 kg, but with the 18 000 W peak power it can power any 230 V metalwork or welding tool.

Milling with instagrid ONE max

Improve the working environment with complete silence, and zero local emissions

instagrid ONE max has zero local emissions, and when charged with renewable energy, it can have an even bigger reduction in overall emissions during the metalwork working process. Especially if an existing solution is an oversized generator, the emission reduction can be major when replacing it with an efficient power source.

You can make a rough calculation of your emission savings when replacing a generator with instagrid ONE max here.

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