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Instagrid Trademark Guidelines

1. Purpose

Instagrid GmbH (henceforth “Instagrid”) has a portfolio of trademarks that includes logos, images, designs, colors, words, slogans, product packaging and product shapes. Instagrid’s trademarks are valuable intellectual property (“IP”) that must be protected and used in accordance with these Guidelines.

These Instagrid Trademark Guidelines (henceforth “Guidelines”) are for authorized resellers, customers, licensees, and other parties (each henceforth “Authorized User”) interested in using Instagrid’s trademarks. If you have an authorization to use Instagrid’s trademarks or logos under terms of a separate written use permission document (henceforth “Permission Document”) from Instagrid, please follow specific terms as specified in your Permission Document. If your Permission Document does not provide usage guidelines, or if certain terms are missing from that Permission Document, then terms of these Guidelines shall apply in addition to any terms of the Permission Document.

2. General Conditions

You are not authorized to use Instagrid’s trademarks unless you have prior written permission from Instagrid to do so. Any use of Instagrid’s corporate logo and other brand assets is limited to prior written permission by Instagrid. Authorized User must use Instagrid’s trademarks in accordance with the most recent version of these Guidelines.

By using Instagrid’s trademarks, you acknowledge that Instagrid is the sole owner of the trademarks, and you agree not to interfere or challenge Instagrid’s rights to the trademarks, including challenging Instagrid’s use or registration of the trademarks. The goodwill derived from using any Instagrid’s trademark inures to the benefit of Instagrid, and it belongs exclusively to Instagrid. Except for the limited right to use Instagrid’s trademarks as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights are granted to you by Instagrid.

3. Further Conditions

Authorized use of Instagrid trademarks is further subject to conformance with the following:

A. Instagrid’s trademarks and name shall always be used in a manner consistent with the high standards and reputation for quality symbolized by those and shall never be used in a disparaging manner.

B. Include a trademark notice for each used trademark along this format: “__________ is a trademark or registered trademark of Instagrid GmbH”, in a manner that unambiguously shows that the owner of the used trademark is Instagrid GmbH.

C. The trademarks in the Instagrid Trademark List must be used exactly as indicated in the list. If a trademark of Instagrid is absent from the Instagrid Trademark List, this does not constitute a waiver for any IP rights that instagrid may have established.

D. In sentences or phrases, the trademarks of Instagrid are only to be used as adjectives or modifying nouns to the generic name for the product. When used as adjectives, the trademarks of instagrid should not be pluralized or used in possessive form. Refer to the Instagrid Trademark List for the appropriate combination of Instagrid’s trademarks and generic names.

The following is an example of an incorrect trademark usage:

"The peak load capacity of my Instagrid is excellent.

The following is an example of a correct trademark usage:

"Instagrid power units are water and dust resistant.

E. It is not permitted to use Instagrid trademarks or name in a way that implies an affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or approval by Instagrid of your products or services.

F. It is not permitted to alter Instagrid’s trademarks or name in any way, including but not limited to any stylization or shading.

G. It is not permitted to register or use any trademark of Instagrid in a manner likely to cause confusion about the origin of any product, technology, service or other offering.

H. It is not permitted to include Instagrid’s trademarks, similar signs or words similar to Instagrid’s trademarks or name as part of or in combination with your company name, product name, domain name registration, slogans, taglines, as an advertising phrase in a pay-per-click advertising program or in or as a part of the name of a social media account, an e-mail account or in an e-commerce account.

I. It is not permitted to use trademarks or signs that are confusingly similar to the trademarks of Instagrid.

J. It is not permitted to incorporate Instagrid trademarks or name into the title of any article, event, or publication.

K. It is not permitted to register or use domain names that incorporate any trademarks of Instagrid.

L. It is not permitted to copy or imitate Instagrid’s trade dress, which provides the "look and feel" of any of Instagrid’s products, packaging, logos and website.

M. It is not permitted to use any trademark of Instagrid in any way which may take unfair advantage of, or be detrimental to, the distinctive character or the repute of the trademarks of Instagrid.

N. It is not permitted to translate Instagrid’s trademarks into languages other than English or to use them in puns, jokes, wordplay, or in any manner that is likely to dilute, defame or harm any trademark of Instagrid or Instagrid’s brand.

Instagrid reserves the rights to modify these Guidelines at any time and take appropriate actions against any unauthorized use of the Instagrid trademarks.

4. Contact

Instagrid’s IP department maintains these Guidelines. Please contact for any questions about the trademarks of Instagrid.

Version date: May 24, 2024