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10 terawatt hours of clean energy by 2030

1. There’s a huge global need to access off-grid electricity.

For 2 billion people in the world, work is mobile. These professionals – working in industries like construction, events, film and media or emergency response – need access to off-grid electricity. This mobile work lacks clean alternatives. Fuel-driven combustion generators are today the main source of power when no grid-electricity is available. And these small engines produce considerable emissions, cause serious health hazards and drive economic costs.

construction worker carrying instagrid with one hand
Man using instagrid ONE Max for welding railroad

2. We’ve proven that there’s a better and cleaner way.

We’ve created the world’s most advanced portable battery system for professionals with high power demands. Our mission is to make clean electricity the new standard for portable power anywhere in the world. Our award-winning technology is already used by customers across Europe, and we’re currently building on this distinctive technology to replace diesel generators up to the megawatt scale. Through our solutions, we enable reliable and efficient access to clean and affordable electricity and support our customers’ net-zero goals and the global clean energy transition.

3. Our vision is to decarbonize and democratize off-grid electricity.

With our portable battery systems, we’re building the infrastructure to provide access to decentralized, clean electricity globally. This will positively impact the living and working environment of people worldwide. To support this quantitatively, we’ve set ourselves the goal of providing at least 10 TWh of clean energy to 10 million people by 2030.

Rows of instagrid ONE Max