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2022 Impact Report


Terawatt hours by 2030

Our Ambition

We want to provide 10 Terawatt hours (TWh) of clean energy to people by 2030. Yes, that's right - we're being serious! We want to impact the working and living environment of 10 million people. Want to know how?

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What drives us?

The climate crisis is real and that’s why we want to focus on concrete solutions. We see huge untapped potential in addressing the big overlooked environmental problem with combustion generators. Here’s what we bring to the table to make a difference.

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We cut down emissions

By setting local emissions to zero, we reduce urban air pollution. We fight the climate crisis by cutting total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 97% over the product lifetime compared to combustion generators.

Our impact on environment

We aim to close the loop

We want to increase our product circularity by 25% until 2025. For example, we’ve assessed the product recycling potential to be 91 %.

Our impact on circularity

We improve working conditions

Our portable battery solution already enables 22 000 people to access clean energy, with improved work flexibility and occupational health and safety. At Instagrid, we value an inclusive work environment with 19 nationalities.

Our impact on people

This is our approach

Sustainability reports can be too fluffy or too dense. We prefer to talk in numbers.

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Biggest impact instead of "everything and nothing"

Concrete numbers instead of lots of words

Embracing partnerships instead of doing it alone

Your burning questions answered

Are batteries really that sustainable? We hear that a lot.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Check out some FAQs here.

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