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What drives us?

Sustainability is an overused and inflated term. The crisis is clear so instead of talking around it, the question is: what do we bring to the table to help solve it?

We’re mission-driven, passionate and deeply believe in what we do. We’re here to challenge the status quo and make a positive impact in the world – from cutting down local air pollution and fighting climate change to helping create a better and safer working environment for people. For us, sustainability is not an add-on or a “nice to have” – it’s at the very core of our DNA. From the very modular design of our product to how and where it is most optimally used and ultimately disposed.

As we grow, we’re not only growing our business but also our impact. This also applies to the environmental and social footprint of our business activities, and how we collaborate with people and partners across the supply chain. For us, sustainability is about:

We‘re working to solve a global problem that‘s present in every country of the world. That’s why we embrace true partnerships to move faster together and unlock opportunities for change that transcend what we can't accomplish alone. We seek out partners that share our mission – be it customers, suppliers or public entities like cities and governments. Together we can create a movement that speeds up the global clean energy transition.

Striving to do our best

Ensuring we’re fact based and transparent

Making continuous improvements along the way

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“Strong alliances help us to tackle big challenges together.”

Sarah, Head of Sustainability

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